Cloud managed networking – Live demonstration

Edinburgh based computer network and security specialist, Netextremity Ltd, offers a unique demonstration of Cloud Managed Networking from Cisco Meraki on board our catamaran.

They have built a demonstration network which consists of internal and external Meraki access points, a Meraki MX firewall and a Meraki MS switch.

When docked the network meshes with the local Meraki WiFi providing internet access and VPN connectivity to HQ for the local PC and Cisco Phone, then when we leave port the firewall fails over to a 3G/4G backup WAN link whilst maintaining connectivity for the hosts. In addition to viewing the live demonstration, you can interact with the equipment via the WEB portal and mobile app to get an idea of how easy it is to manage and how much information you can get in real time regarding the status and usage of the devices and their associated hosts.

The demonstration covers:

Configuring Meraki devices – Access Point – guest SSID, splash page, Firewall features, Traffic Shaping
Configuring Meraki devices – Firewall – VPN, traffic shaping, security filtering, content filtering, WAN optimization
Configuring Meraki devices – Switch – switch settings, access policy, port scheduling

Monitoring Meraki devices – Access Point – device status, client usage, management tools
Monitoring Meraki devices – Firewall – device status, client usage, management tools
Monitoring Meraki devices – Switch – device and port status, management tools

Give them a call or drop them an email at to arrange a demonstration. Contact details can be found here Netextremity Ltd

We offer live demonstrations in port initially and for those that are happy to take to the water, a failover demonstration whilst sailing around the Forth Bridges.


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