Thule and Brixham Sea SchoolTeam Adventure

Whether you call it team building or a team adventure, sailing is a great shared experience and is an inherently good platform for getting people to work together and communicate. Simply enjoy the shared experience of crewing and helming for the day or learn the basics and put your new skills to the test.

As with our Just for Fun offerings, you can choose a full or half day sailing around the Bridges & Islands but have the group actively join in and crew the boats with a view to their performance improving over the course. Why not include a visit to Inchcolm Island for a tour or quick treasure hunt?

For the smaller more adventurous team you may want to consider one of our extended trips to Eyemouth or Arbroath. A fantastic shared “bonding” experience that they will never forget. A return trip is not necessary as this can be combined with accommodation and road or rail transport home.

See our Scheduled Trips section for ideas but remember we are happy to work out an itinerary specifically for you.

Taking you beyond the horizon!