Opened 4 March 1890Things to See

The sailing area is full of surprises. The immense Forth Road and Rail bridges loom overhead. The Firth is important for nature conservation, including the Islands of the Firth of Forth, from Inchcolm, a fortified island housing an Augustinian abbey, to Inchkeith, which has had a colourful history and is home to a historic lighthouse. Inchmickery is also fortified, has been used as a film location and is now an RSPB reserve.

Further out in the estuary are more islands including the Isle of May and the Bass Rock, a Special Protection Area, host to over 90,000 breeding sea birds every year. Sightings of porpoise, seals and various sea birds in the area adds to the excitement.

The Bell Rock, completed in 1810, is a sight to see as are the various harbours between Arbroath and Eyemouth.

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